Plans and Pricing


Perfect for freelancers
and small teams

6 users


For startups and
product teams

12 users


For consultancies, agencies,
and larger teams

20 users


For large teams or
entire departments


Features with every plan

Crystal Clear Audio

MeetSpace uses 100kbps stereo audio at 48khz so you can hear everyone loud and clear.

Low CPU and Bandwidth Usage

MeetSpace has been precisely tuned to deliver great audio and Good Enough™ video to keep your computer from burning up or stuttering. We use less CPU than Hangouts or

Permanent Rooms

MeetSpace provides permanent rooms you can join with just one click. Plus, you can see who's in the room before joining, no more interruptions!

Guest Access

Unlock a MeetSpace room and anyone with the link can join. Great for demos!

Team Management

MeetSpace is organized around teams. The team owner picks a plan and pays for it. Being a member of a team is free, and you can be a member of as many teams as you'd like.

More Questions?

If you have more questions or want a demo, get in touch at or sign up for a free trial and see for yourself!

Low Delay Peer-To-Peer Calls

MeetSpace connects everyone peer-to-peer for the lowest possible audio latency. (but if you have a heavy firewall, we'll route around it for you)

End-to-End Encryption

MeetSpace requires WebRTC, and WebRTC requires end-to-end encryption. We couldn't decrypt your video or audio even if we wanted to (or were ordered to).

Quick Mute

Toggle your microphone simply by tapping the SPACE bar (haha get it? SPACE?).


MeetSpace is entirely web-based. The only thing you'll have to install is a browser extension if you want to share your screen. MeetSpace currently supports Chrome and Firefox (because we use WebRTC).

Your Computer is Your Limit

MeetSpace has no limit on the number of people in a call, it will depend on your CPU. We find meetings are smooth for up to 12 people on a Macbook Air. If you have a slow machine, you can disable video to handle lots more people.