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To celebrate Black History Month we’re deciding to do something a little extra special here at MeetSpace:

We’re giving 100% of our revenue from new users in February to the ACLU (or a charity of your choice).

We’ve also reactivated everyone’s trials for two weeks, so you can try us again.

All you have to do is try MeetSpace out with your team, and if you like it and sign up, we’ll donate your first month’s payment!

I’m incredibly thankful for the mentoring, advice, assistance, and inspiration I’ve received from Black leaders and members in the tech community. I wanted to give a special shout-out to people who have significantly shaped my career and my life:

Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles

I met Bryan nearly ten years ago (wow!) at the Baltimore Ruby on Rails group. He attended my first talk ever and gave me a bunch of pointers to help me become a better speaker. Since then he’s mentored me in innumerable ways through my career, helping me reach further and go farther than I ever thought I could.

Thank you Bryan!

Johnny Boursiquot

Johnny Boursiquot

I met Johnny when I moved up to Boston three years ago. I’m from Boston originally but hadn’t lived here for ten years. Johnny welcomed me into the Boston tech scene and helped me get initially connected to everyone in the Ruby and Go community.

Since then we worked together at a coworking space and also put together a GoBridge event, which was a really awesome experience. He helped grow and shape the Go community here, which I’ve really enjoyed being a part of.

Thank you Johnny!

Shervonne Cherry

Shervonne Cherry

Shervonne may only vaguely remember me, because we haven’t really kept in touch, but I remember her from a pivotal point in my career where my focus switched from simply improving myself to focusing on the entire tech community, especially underserved and underrepresented groups. I met Shervonne at Refresh B’More at the first women in tech discussion I ever sat in on. I listened to many concerns and needs from the different attendees, and one thing stuck out to me: needing more introductory tech education programs that were also affordable and I thought, I could do that!

Shervonne and other members of the Baltimore tech community, including B’MoreCreatives and Jessica Watson helped me launch B’More Awesome, which was an html and css class for designers that wanted to start coding, and we focused specifically on underrepresented groups. It was the first time I felt like I could really do something to help my community.

Thank you Shervonne!

— Nick Gauthier

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