MeetSpace Launched

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Today, MeetSpace is officially launched! Since the start of open beta in June we’ve squashed bugs and received lots of great feedback from our users. Based on our value study we did in August, we’ve put together a set of plan that cost exactly what the vast majority of users said MeetSpace was worth to them. For more information about out pricing, plans, and features, visit our pricing page.

MeetSpace’s features were driven by our users. Today we’re launching with everything you asked for:

  1. HD audio so you can clearly hear and understand everyone
  2. Low delay peer-to-peer calling
  3. Low CPU and bandwidth usage (so your computer doesn’t take off)
  4. Permanent rooms with Guest Access
  5. And lots more!.

Sign up for MeetSpace today, and use the coupon LAUNCH30 to get 30% off your first month. Here’s an enourmous button to make it easy to sign up:

We’d also like to thank everyone who’s helped us get here so far. Without your feedback and support we wouldn’t have been able to make such an awesome video conferencing tool. Thank you!

— Nick Gauthier

Frustrated with video conferencing?

MeetSpace has the best audio quality and reliability around, and is built for distributed teams.

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