Open Beta Launched

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MeetSpace was in alpha for a month, then closed beta for a month, and now the beta is open to all. When we started MeetSpace we wanted to make a video conferencing solution specifically for distributed teams where video conferencing was the primary way teammates interacted. After numerous surveys and conversations, we focused on the biggest needs of our customers:

  1. Crystal clear audio with no disconnections so everyone could be heard clearly
  2. Super simple and smooth process to jump into a meeting room
  3. Reduce interruptions by making it clear when someone would like to speak

In addition to those primary goals, we also added all the features required of a modern video conferencing solution:

  1. End-to-end encryption of audio and video data such that not even MeetSpace has access to traffic
  2. Screen sharing clear enough to collaborate on documents and code
  3. Account and Team management so that organizations can set up and manage their user accounts and access controls

During the beta, MeetSpace is free and unlimited for all. As part of the beta program, we will be talking to customers to determine the best pricing structure for the product. As a self-funded company, our customers are our top priority and monetizing the product will ensure we’re serving our customers needs and no one else’s.

You can sign up for a MeetSpace account today right from the front page or the link at the top of this page.

— Nick Gauthier

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