Product Update: Unlock Rooms

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This week, we’ve added the ability to unlock (and lock) rooms. When you unlock a room, anyone with the link can join, even if they don’t have a MeetSpace account. This makes it easy to introduce MeetSpace to your team at your next meeting, since you don’t have to get everyone to make an account right off the bat.

Lock and Unlock Rooms

Locking and Unlocking rooms is really easy, just click the Settings button on the room, and you’ll see a section for Unlocking or Locking:

Once you unlock the room, to relock it, you’ll see a section on locking:

It’s as simple as that. After you unlock a room you can copy and paste the room url and share it with anyone.

Open Beta Coming Up

At this point, MeetSpace is feature complete for Open Beta. Over the next week we’re fixing bugs and polishing, so send us bug reports! We’re shooting to open the beta at the end of next week.

— Nick Gauthier

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