Product Update: Screen Sharing and New Design

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Screen sharing comes to MeetSpace! You can now share your screen or a window on Chrome and Firefox. Also, we got a new design, with a nice starfield background.

Screen Sharing

There’s a new icon in the top bar that looks like a screen. Click it, and you can choose your screen or a window to share. On both Chrome and Firefox, an Extension or Add-on is required. The first time you use screensharing it will prompt you to install the extension. You only need the extension to share your screen, you don’t have to install it to view another person’s shared screen. Check it out:

Speakers are shown along the left side, and listeners are along the bottom. By splitting like this (instead of everyone at the bottom) it maximizes the amount of screen real estate that the shared window can use. Fullscreen your browser to get as much space as possible.

Just like video and audio, screensharing has been precisely tuned to keep the load on your computer and network low to ensure high connectivity. The impact on the sharing person’s computer is about a 50% increase in cpu and upload bandwidth (no download bandwidth change). The impact on a participant viewing your screen is equivalent to one more attendee in the meeting.

Screensharing quality is tuned so that you can clearly read static text when your entire screen is shared. It works great for presentations and also for code and document editing and notes.

Let us know how it works for you!

New Design

We’ve launched a new design, which comes with a new front page and also new design within the app. You probably already noticed on this page, but also check out our new front page:

Looking forward: guests, dashboard, and open beta

Next up for us is guest access. You will be able to unlock a room and give the url to someone without a MeetSpace account and they can join the meeting. This makes it easy to add guests, but also to try out MeetSpace at your company without having to get everyone signed in.

We’re also working on the dashboard. There will be a new design, and it will also show who’s in each room. That makes it easy to hop right into a meeting, even if you forgot what room it’s in.

We’re aiming to launch the open beta by the end of the month (no promises!). It would help us out a lot if you share MeetSpace with your coworkers, friends, and colleagues who might be interested. The bigger the beta, the more feedback we get, the more bugs we fix, and the better MeetSpace gets!

— Nick Gauthier

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