Product Update: Dashboard Sneak Peek and Permanent Rooms

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This week we worked hard on the MeetSpace Dashboard. In this update we’ll look at a sneak peek of the dashboard plus explore some MeetSpace features like permanent rooms and teams. Lastly, we have a little beta update for you.

MeetSpace Dashboard

When we conducted our initial surveys, one of the problems people mentioned was getting into the meeting room. We wanted to put the ability to start and join meetings right at your fingertips when you are using MeetSpace, so we made the primary page of MeetSpace a Dashboard from which you can quickly access all your meetings.

Our gut-check situation is the daily standup. If it takes you more time to get everyone into the video conference than it does to hold your daily standup, that’s messed up!

With the MeetSpace Dashboard, your standup meeting is always one click away. Let’s take a look:

MeetSpace Dashboard

From the Dashboard, you can see all your teams, and all the rooms for all your teams. MeetSpace rooms are permanent spaces to go and meet with your team (see what we did there?). You give them a name, they get a color, and it becomes a place that is very easy to describe.

Permanent Rooms

With MeetSpace you can just say “Standup is in Rocket today” and your team can open MeetSpace, and click Rocket. It’s just like in a regular office where the conference rooms are permanent and have names.

You don’t need a special invite URL, you don’t need access to the calendar invite, you don’t need to switch accounts to make sure you’re logged into the account with the correct credentials (cough cough hangouts cough). You just open MeetSpace and click on the room and bam there you are.

The links for the rooms stay the same, too. That means you can leave a computer in one of your physical rooms hooked up to a MeetSpace room, and it will always be connected. Anyone who comes into that room will instantly join you. Or you can bookmark the room. Or make a chat bot that drops MeetSpace urls into your chat rooms. Or, if you really want to, you can put it on that calendar invite.

Team Presence

In addition to seeing the rooms on the Dashboard, you can also see who is in that room. That means most of the time you don’t even have to remember which room you’re meeting in! You just open MeetSpace and click on all your team’s friendly faces. Just like walking by a conference room and seeing everyone inside.

Teams and Memberships

Each MeetSpace Team has a set of Members. This helps when you have a pretty big company and not everybody meets with everyone else on a regular basis. That way you can separate at the department level, or even have some private project team rooms.

If you’re working at an agency, consultancy, you’re a freelancer, or you are just the kind of business that meets with clients, Teams help you group your external collaborators. You can make a team just for a client, add them to it, and add relevant teammates. Now your client just goes to MeetSpace and clicks on the Room you’re meeting in.

But, if you’re at a small close-knit company without any external folks, it’s as easy as just making one team and plopping everyone into it, then making a couple of rooms.

Closed Beta is Coming Soon

As a wrap-up, we wanted to mention that closed beta invites are going to start rolling out soon! If you would like access to the closed beta, be sure to sign up on our mailing list below.

— Nick Gauthier

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