Product Update: Stress Testing

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This week our focus was on stressing out! We tried MeetSpace with 5 people, we tried a 90 minute call, and we even put MeetSpace on a plane.

Big Team Call with Codeship

Codeship is one of our alpha users, and this week we tried a 90 minute meeting with them, and for 30 minutes we had five people in the call. MeetSpace worked really well. The audio was crystal clear and latency was low. One person on the call had poor upload bandwidth, but MeetSpace just dropped their video quality so that they were able to still see and hear everyone clearly. Check out this screenshot:

Codeship meeting on MeetSpace

Codeship’s engineering team is distributed, so having high quality audio and a stable connection even when someone’s wifi is a little janky is really important.

I monitored the CPU of my laptop during the call as well, and I noticed that with five people it peaked at 60% usage. That’s significantly less CPU than! That means we can handle more, and my fan didn’t come on either.

Hello World, from Airplane WiFi

During our stress test, Brian Cardarella of Dockyard joined us while flying back from Emberconf 2016. He just dropped by to say hi, but it was enough to tell that MeetSpace worked really well on the plane. During the call audio and video quality were at the usual settings for MeetSpace, no special tuning required! There was an audio delay of about 700ms, but hey, it’s plane wifi!

Here’s Brian saying hi to me while some guy snoops on us from the row behind. I am making my “I can’t believe it works on a plane” face:

MeetSpace on a Plane

Also, if you’ll look closely, you can see Brian has a yellow outline. This is our built-in latency indicator. It lets me know that there’s a medium delay between us, so I can pause for a moment before speaking so I don’t accidentally interrupt him.

6 People and Great Audio at Haught Codeworks

Marty, over at Haught Codeworks held a six person meeting with his team this week. They really enjoyed the quality of the audio.

Marty from Haught Codeworks

"Our team could tell the audio quality was better than Hangouts"

— Marty from Haught Codeworks

When we ran our surveys a few weeks ago, it was clear that people wanted video conferencing software with clear, stable, and high quality audio. Glad to hear we’re getting it right!

Continued Alpha Test

We’re still alpha testing to make sure the app is ready for a larger beta. If you’re interested in the beta, sign up below and we’ll email you when the beta is out (plus product updates like this one).

— Nick Gauthier

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