Video Conferencing for
Distributed Teams

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Crystal clear audio

Better audio quality than any
app out there and direct peer-to-
peer connectivity for low delay.

Permanent rooms

Easily hop into your meeting
just by clicking on it. No secret
urls or calendar links.

Interruption control

Push SPACE to mute, with a
visual cue so you don't have to
butt into the conversation.

What People Have Said

Ɓukasz Korecki — CTO at NomNom
“Pressing space to mute/unmute is the best thing ever — whenever we use something like Skype or Hangouts it's so annoying not to have it.”
Thom Obarski — Producer at thoughtbot
“A rock solid connection with wonderful overall fidelity made MeetSpace a great tool for remote podcast recording”
Joel Oliveira — Founder at Shubox
“For quick check-ins, long design reviews, and everything in between, MeetSpace has hit the sweet spot for the important video-conferencing features. It's quick, easy to use, and most importantly: reliable and does not tax my laptop. I'm so thankful it exists.”
Brian Sierakowski — CEO of TeamPassword
“It's been great setting up meeting rooms in MeetSpace. Everyone knows where to go for our meetings and we've eliminated that awkward moment when someone joins a meeting before the previous one ends!”

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